Robotpatient Simulators: Infant Manikin for (Advanced) Basic Life Support

Hi, I'm Johan Korten and my research is focused on developing and testing a new infant manikin to improve (advanced) basic life support training. Feel free to ask me questions!

Overview of hardware modules in our infant manikin to provide high-quality, real-time feedback during life support training.
Overview of the development and validation study.


Learning complex skills and tasks requires precise, timely feedback, especially in life support training. Traditional instructional methods often face challenges in providing individualized, accurate feedback due to the instructor's need to manage multiple learners simultaneously.

Our research

We are developing advanced real-time feedback instruments that leverage technology for more effective life support training. These tools are designed to provide measurement-based feedback on individual learner performance, addressing the limitations of traditional teaching methods.

Our initial studies in undergraduate nursing pediatric basic life support training have shown promising results. These tools offer potential for significantly improved training outcomes in life support skills.

In partnership with UMCU Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) specialists, we are refining these instruments, including their embodiment and feedback models, to better suit the nuanced needs of life support training.


We are planning new empirical studies to validate the effectiveness of these real-time feedback instruments in the context of WKZ NICU health care training programs. These studies aim to establish the instruments' utility and effectiveness in a practical healthcare training environment.


Feel free to ask questions about the research via Slido.

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